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The Whole Family Happiness Project: Unfreezing Ourselves

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Amy from the Whole Family Happiness Project, based out of British Columbia. The group is dedicated to sharing mothers’ stories of happiness and purpose.  They are focused, as their website states, on profiling “creative solutions to living a good life that supports the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of families while addressing social and environmental challenges.” It was both fun and a privilege to be profiled on their website last month:

Christine Penner Polle used to turn off the radio when the subject of climate change came up.

“I used to call myself a ‘climate-change avoider,’” says the mom of two grown daughters, who lives in the town of Red Lake, Ontario.

Today, Christine volunteers full-time as a climate change campaigner in Red Lake, marrying that work with her work as a wellness practitioner and a writer. In 2016, she published her second book, Unfreeze yourself: Five ways to take action on climate change NOW for the sake of your family, your health, and the planet. In 2018, she ran for the Green party in Ontario’s provincial election. “I’d never been a politician, but I thought that somebody needed to be the voice for our children, for other climate-concerned parents and grandparents.”

How did Christine, who worked for decades as a nurse, make the journey between avoiding the inconvenient truths of climate change to becoming someone willing to confront them head-on?…Click here to read the full article.


Loving & laughing & healing my way through life, journeying twds personal & planetary healing. The key to both is facing our fear. #LoveNotFear #ClimateOfLove

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