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The thread that connects

Maybe you’ve wondered about the unusual combination of oracle cards, freedom from food cravings, and conversations about climate change that I bring together in Tapping Courage Wellness. If you have, you’re not the only one, because I myself have occasionally wondered why I’m drawn to these very different subjects!

As I wrote about in my previous blog post (click here read it), I have recently realized it’s time to bring together my passions, which include lobbying for action on climate change and spiritual/energetic work. So what is the thread that connects deepening one’s intuition, getting free of food cravings, and caring for Mother Earth with the spiritual coaching and Soul Detective® work that I offer through TCW?

Despite what appearances, there is a common thread running through all of my work.

The system which is polluting the earth enough to bring us to the brink of global disaster and seems intent on going in the same direction, is the same system that sends women the message that we need to be thin to be attractive and valued. It tells us we are important as consumers, not in and of ourselves just for being who we are. It is the same system that tells us that processed and packaged goods loaded with sugar and chemicals is actually food. The average American consumes six cups (three pounds!) of sugar every week (200 years ago, the average was two pounds a year!). From an energetic stand point, a steady diet of processed food and sugar starves our bodies of high-vibration fuel. This keeps our whole system – physical, emotional and spiritual –  stuck at a lower energetic vibration. No wonder many of us are hungry much of the time while at the same time we are overweight and tired!

It is the same system that’s responsible for ecological and nutritional degradation that trains us not to trust our “6th sense”, as intuition is often called. Instead we are taught to rely solely on the 5 senses that give us information about the material world that surrounds us. Quantum physics, however, is telling us that what we see and touch isn’t all there is to reality. In fact the world of the five senses is just the very superficial surface of things.

Quantum physics (sometimes called quantum mechanics) tells us the “solid” matter that we and the world around us are made of, is not actually solid at all. Instead, at its most basic level, we and every apparently “solid” thing around us, is constantly vibrating energy. Everything that exists is, in its essence, energy. I think I am solid, and the chair that I’m sitting on as I type this into my (apparently solid) computer, is also solid. However, quantum mechanics has confirmed that at the subatomic level, the particles you and I, and my chair and my computer, are made of are blinking in and out of this reality.

Another astounding finding of quantum physics is the interaction between the “observed” and the “observer”.  This “observer effect” suggests that even passive observation changes what happens. The very act of observing an interaction changes it.

We are not solid matter, we are vibrating energy. And consciousness – our consciousness – has an impact on reality.

I, and many others who perceive the crucial crossroads that humanity finds itself, are suggesting that it’s time to choose a different reality. And quantum physics is telling us that we can do just that.

One way to start creating a different reality is to start trusting our own inner wisdom more. What does our deepest wisdom tell us about who we are and what our path should be in this important time? Using oracle cards is just one way to access this information. Prayer, meditation, unplugging from our electronic devices and spending time in nature are other ways. It isn’t important how we get more deeply in touch with the wise voice within each of us. It is just important that we do.

Choosing to eat food that deeply nourishes us is another way to take concrete steps towards creating a different way of being on this planet. The new reality we are being invited to create requires us to be vibrating at a higher level of consciousness than the level of consciousness that has created the world of inequality and ecological devastation we find ourselves in right now. Remember, everything that exists is energy. That includes our bodies and the food we eat.

The global climate crisis and unprecedented loss of biodiversity that we are facing has its roots in the same system that gives us the message that we need to ignore our intuition. It is the same system that gives us the message that cheap processed food-like substances produced by agribusiness is as healthy for our bodies as food grown closer to home and prepared with less processing.

The mystery that quantum theory suggests is that it is possible to change the world around us by changing our inner world. Based on this paradigm-shifting view of the world,  I and many others who are leading the shift to a new way of being on this planet, are suggesting that by increasing the level at which we are vibrating, at the subatomic level, we can participate and accelerate that shift. We can choose to live in a world that values life, a world in which being human can be a much more joyful and fulfilling experience.

Which brings me back to oracle cards, food cravings, and climate change. These have been my teachers on the winding path I’ve taken towards understanding the role my own consciousness plays in creating the world around us. And being at my heart a teacher, I love to share what I’ve learned with others. I hope you choose to come and play with me sometime!


Loving & laughing & healing my way through life, journeying twds personal & planetary healing. The key to both is facing our fear. #LoveNotFear #ClimateOfLove

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