You are a

Orange Sapphire Intuitive

Like your archetype, you are a vibrant and beautiful intuitive. The radiant glow of Orange Sapphire reminds us of the wisdom of our bodies and the wisdom of the Earth. As an Orange Sapphire Intuitive, you have a clear and immediate connection to the wisdom of your body. 

Our bodies contain the most powerful energies we have to work with on our human journey. What a gift to be able to access this super power more easily than other intuitive types! The body’s “gut feelings” guide you in your decision making, which typically happens almost instantly!

Because of your strong intuitive bond to your body, as an Orange Sapphire Intuitive it is important that you stay balanced and grounded. The body has much insight to provide, but to be fully connected to your “inner GPS” you need the insight and support of your mind and your heart as well. 

Watch the video below to learn energy tips specifically for you, an Orange Sapphire Intuitive. They are designed to strengthen your intuitive connection and confidence. You can also click on the link below the video to download a pdf of the information. Never doubt that you were born an amazing intuitive!  The world needs your special Sapphire radiance now more than ever.

Click here to download the Orange Sapphire Intuitive Energy Tips pdf.

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