Earth Healing on Earth Day

April 22nd is a good day to remember that every day is Earth Day if you are alive on this beautiful blue planet of ours. Never before in history have so many people (66% of the world’s population) lived in cities. When you are surrounded by concrete and man-made buildings, it’s hard to remember that the source of our physical existence is the earth and her elements. Our health depends on her health.

One of the gifts of the enforced slow-down of the current global pandemic is the related increase in people spending time outside in nature, as other recreational options are limited. It remains to be seen if this will translate into more longterm thinking and caring for the Earth which sustains us.

Feeling stressed on this Earth Day? You might want to try taking off your shoes and spending 40 minutes outside with your feet on the grass or in dirt (concrete doesn’t count!). A recent article on the HeartMD blog discusses the benefits of Earthing, or Grounding. Dr Stephen Sinatra, co-author of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! discusses the ease of Earthing and its potential health benefits. Not only is it simple and potentially helpful, it’s absolutely free, Mother Nature’s gift to us. Don’t forget to express gratitude to her for this unconditional loving support. Gratitude itself can boost your overall happiness!

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