a 4-week online journey towards
a life of connection and love.

Connect to your Soul Purpose and Create Your Best Possible Life.

This course is for you if you:

This 4-week online course is available now for only $147 CDN!

This course is offered only after the Ignite Your Insight With Oracle Cards Challenge, and at an incredibly affordable price.
The opportunity to deepen your connection to your “inner GPS” and with the loving messages that the Universe is sending to support and guide you on your life’s path is priceless, and is available to you now!

Here is what is all included in Discovering Your Soul Purpose with Oracle Cards & Energy:

My aim is to make this the most value-packed and inspirational experience ever. Because there has never been a better time to unlock your inner wisdom and get clarity in your life than in these confusing and chaotic times.

Love & light, Christine

"Christine helped me when I couldn’t help myself"

Christine helped me when I couldn’t help myself – when I knew something was amiss, but was unable to identify it properly, nor could I shift it.

Her techniques, knowledge and experience allow her to get to the heart of the matter straight away, no matter what the problem, and she does so in a supportive and professional way, allowing me to feel safe and supported throughout.

I trust both her and the processes she uses. She has never failed to help me when I have needed to turn to her for a session.

Sandra B, U.K.

I have met my goals and continue to grow and evolve as a person...This tool Christine has taught me will continue to help me for the rest of my life.
Marnie Ratz, Ontario, Canada

This work with Christine was an emotional breakthrough for me
DS, Ontario Canada

I would recommend any work with Christine.
DC, Ontario,Canada

I feel safe to speak, I feel heard, I feel excited about my life...Truly grateful Christine!
Terrea Lynn Hendrickson, Ontario Canada

Yes! I am IN!

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