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Hi, Christine Penner Polle of Tapping Courage Wellness here.

No pressure, but the Dalai Lama has said that western women will save the world, currently teetering on the brink of disaster due to eco-system collapse, greed & rampant violence. But before we can save anyone else we first have to put on our own “oxygen mask” and heal our own wounds. 

I know this because I’ve learned it the hardest – but the best – way, through my own life experience.

I am passionate about empowering others to live their best lives by releasing, through energy healing, the burden of personal and generational trauma. Healing the past can transform your present. This deep healing serves all of humanity, spreading ripples of healing and light across the whole planet.

The simple yet complex truth is that:

♦ All true change starts with inner transformation ♦

Do you dream of big change but also feel overwhelmed by it? Do you long to connect to a universe of meaning? I believe every person has the power to transform their life and through doing so, heal the world around them.

Are you ready to release the past and heal your heart?

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One-On-One Sessions

Are you ready to release beliefs and habits downloaded into your system when you were young, beliefs that were helpful at the time but that are no longer serving you well?

Intuitive energy work is a subtle and effective way to release what is holding you back. By healing the hidden roots of your problems, this work allows you joyfully share your gifts and talents with the world, and frees you to fulfill your unique life mission.

Transformation IS possible, and within reach.

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Giving back

I believe that real, meaningful change in the world comes through people making the time and effort to revitalize their health. A healed woman or man sends healing ripples out to their family, their community, and the world.To honour both my clients’ commitment to their own health and underlying “why” of Tapping Courage Wellness, a portion of our profits goes towards helping women and children in need. In 2020, Tapping Courage will be supporting these two A-listed charities:

Days For Girls provides kits to girls/women in need around the world so they have a safe, beautiful, washable, and long-lasting way to manage their periods.

Aunt Leah’s Place helps prevent children in foster care from becoming homeless and mothers in need from losing custody of their children. To support them on their journey to self-sufficiency, Aunt Leah’s Place provides supported housing, job training, and coaching on essential life skills.

Thank you for helping me make a difference!